We Need Your Support More Than Ever

Dear OpenTaste Community,

As we mark the 7th anniversary of OpenTaste in Singapore, our journey together has reached a critical juncture. Despite the challenges we've faced—investing tens of millions of dollars over the years to ensure you have access to organic, fresher, and tastier ingredients at better prices—we find ourselves at a crossroads.

During the toughest times of the pandemic, we held our prices steady, striving to lighten the load for as many families as we could. However, as the world reopened, we noticed a shift. Cooking at home has become less common, and the ripple effect on grocery stores and online shopping has been undeniable. Even giants like Facebook, Google, PayPal, Shopee, and Lazada have felt the impact, leading to significant layoffs.

Today, the reality is stark: our commitment to never compromising on quality means we are now asking for your help. This plea is not for profit or shareholders, but for the very heart of our community—the dedicated team at OpenTaste. Our staff, who tirelessly handle every detail from picking to packing, are the backbone of our service. Their livelihoods, and the continuation of delivering exceptional value right to your doorstep, depend on your support.

Here’s How You Can Help:

We need 10,000 of our loyal users to sign up for an annual membership within the next two weeks. This immediate support will enable us to bring back all categories and resume our full range of services. More than just keeping our operations running, it ensures that no member of our OpenTaste family faces the uncertainty of unemployment.

By subscribing, you continue to enjoy the highest quality ingredients, and as a token of our gratitude, every new member will receive one common share in OpenTaste. While it may seem modest now, it represents a potential future value as we grow and evolve.

Experience Innovation with OpenTaste:

We also invite you to explore our groundbreaking Recipe Generation feature, powered by OpenRecipes.ai. This AI-backed innovation offers you a chance to discover recipes like never before—personalized, unique, and endlessly inspiring.

Your decision to support us today could change the course of many lives. Please download our app, subscribe to our annual membership, and join us in sustaining a service that values community and quality above all else.

Thank you for considering this heartfelt appeal. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference.

With deepest gratitude,

Team OpenTaste



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